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June 28, 2007

Ricky Skaggs, Nedra Ross, Phil Spector, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon...

…in other words all persons musical.

Just a reminder that Thursday, June 28, my recent interview with Ricky Skaggs will air on The 700 Club.

Ricky is a twelve-time Grammy award winner, and is known as the ambassador of Bluegrass music and loves God. He also has a real concern for young people and is currently involved in an upcoming event, The Call, involving thousands of youth to take place in Nashville, Tennessee, July 7. Ricky also has two new albums out, one pickin’ & grinnin’ instrumentals and the other with pianist singer Bruce Hornsby. A good musical marriage.

Second, I recently mentioned that my wife Nedra (the recently inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Famer) would be doing a concert in New Jersey over the 4th of July weekend. More people than I expected wanted information on that, so here it is:

The event is called Girl Power

Saturday, July 07, 2007
Wildwood, NJ Convention Center

Tickets are $30.00 - $40.00 - $50.00

Appearing on the show:

The Angels - "My Boyfriend’s Back"

The Dixie Cups - "Going to the Chapel" ( This song was originally recorded by the Ronettes but their producer Phil Spector, for whatever reason, pulled the release off the market at the time)

The Shirelles - "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?", "Soldier Boy", and numerous other hits.

Mary Wilson of the Supremes – Another Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, with hits too numerous to mention.

And of course, Nedra, with "Be My Baby", "Baby I Love You", "Walking in the Rain", and others.

It's fun to hear these ladies singing the music that makes our memories. Join us if you can.

Talking about Phil Spector (the Ronettes producer currently on trial for murder in California)... A number of folks have asked me about a recent book on Spector in which Nedra is quoted throughout.

Yes, the book is authored by a reputable English journalist, Mick Brown, and is entitled Tearing Down the Wall of Sound: The Rise + Fall of Phil Spector.

In the book Spector admits, "I have not been happy. I have devils inside that fight me. And I'm my own worst enemy." The man obviously needs prayer.

And talking about prayer... Last night Nedra and I watched former Beatles Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison’ wife, and John Lennon’s wife on Larry King’s show. Nedra and the Ronettes were a big favorite of the Beatles, and the Ronettes were the only girl group to travel in concert with the Beatles when they played to tens of thousands on a national tour back in the '60s. Nedra knows them quite well, and I had a visit and dinner with Ringo a few years ago in France.

When I talked with Ringo then and Bill Wyman (a friend and the former bass player of the Rolling Stones), they knew nothing about the Lord as we know Him. Last night as we observed on the Larry King show, we were once again impacted by the need to pray for these guys.

McCartney is currently going through a very difficult time in regard to his divorce from his current wife Heather Mills. Paul’s former wife Linda, who died a few years ago of cancer, was an old friend of mine. Linda’s sister Laura is a Christian and also an old friend. Without saying anything out of school, suffice it to say that Paul has been exposed to the Gospel. Some of his feelings in that regard have been creeping into the lyrics of his songs in his current album, Memory Almost Full, and his last album, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, particularly the song "Follow Me".

I don’t want to read too much into who he is talking about following, but listen yourself and then pray for Paul and the rest of these people. Nedra and I have made a new commitment to do that, particularly since it seems Nedra and I are being drawn back into that musical world.

And a final musical note on another Paul -- Paul Simon (the Paul of Simon & Garfunkel) appeared on a PBS special last night: Paul Simon: The Library of Congress Prize for Popular Song. My wife Nedra with her group was inducted into the Library of Congress just a few months ago. Simon’s award is for writing but it is the same Library of Congress.

This proves to be an exciting musical event and includes a number of self-confessed Christians. And if we don’t pray for all these troubadours on the journey, who will?

Thanks guys,


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