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FEBRUARY 22, 2007

Pat Boone, Scott and Nedra

Pat Boone! From his first appearance many years ago on the original American Idol show, The Ted Mack Amateur Hour, the man is a musical legend! He has sold multi-millions of records but amazingly is still not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! A true injustice.

But making records is not his only claim to fame. He has been married to the same woman, Shirley for 53 years, and raised four lovely daughters in the middle of the Hollywood dream factory. He is also an actor, television personality, motivational speaker, political commentator and author.

See my interview and hear about his journey, including some of his stumbles along the way and his new plans that he talks about for the first time. Watch the video.

And then below find the link to the recent one hour Scott & Nedra radio interview on WNIS (Norfolk, Virginia) with Tony Macrini. We really did have a lot of fun and it’s the first time Nedra and I have done this kind of thing in a long time.

Listen to the interview. (audio only)

Here is some "early praise."

From M.K.: I would love to meet Pat Boone... I have followed his career over the years, and yes, he should have been chosen for the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame.  He is truly a legend.  I can't wait to see Nedra in March receiving her award.  I do hope it will be televised; I would not miss seeing it.  My dad will be so proud, looking down from Heaven seeing the lives the two of you have truly touched -- ones that none of us could have done.  Thank you both for being part of our lives over the years.  Keeping you both in prayer for Nedra's big day.  

From N.G.: I just listened to the WNIS interview, and boy I could tell without seeing you that you were in your element and glowing.  You sounded like the old Scott back on WBIC.  Have you ever thought about getting back on radio?

From F.M.: Just heard the show.  It was great hearing you guys.  Interesting to hear the chronology of [the Ronettes'] journey to the Hall of Fame.   They really paid their dues.  It was great.

From C.M.: Small world story. We used to go to the same home group as Pat and Shirley in Beverly Hills... People Magazine wanted to do an article about Roger [McGuinn] "turning to God" and asked to go to church with us. It happened to fall on our home group Sunday. The leader of the group called Pat, and he decided not to come that Sunday so that he wouldn't get in the way. I think somewhere, we have a picture of Pat and Roger together in the '70s. Roger had long hair and was wearing a purple tuxedo. Just a "smile" from God letting us have a glimpse of the future!


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