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FEBRUARY 7, 2007

Some Twists on the 'Long and Winding Road'

Hello fellow journeyers,

As I mentioned in a recent communication, Nedra’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is stirring up all sorts of personal history.  

The guy writing below is a musician friend of mine that was part of a group (The Lost Souls!) in NYC that I helped hook up with Brian Epstein the Beatles manager. Now read on and see how all this ties together including my interview on The 700 Club with Ken Mansfield.



Ah, the Waldorf!  I don't know if I ever told you this, but I'm reminded of us meeting with Eppy (Brian Epstein the Beatles manager) at the Waldorf Towers.* You were with us and the part that I often think about is how much our life, business, music etc. would have been different if you had gone to London with us.


* The Waldorf is the location of the up and coming Rock & Roll Hall of Fame event.


Hey John,

You know I was telling that story the other day and how it affected the Ronettes. Eppy knew I was involved with the Ronettes and he wanted them for the Beatles forthcoming USA tour; however The Rolling Stones also wanted them for their upcoming tour. Even though I wasn’t officially the Ronettes manager, I had numerous discussions with both groups management (including the time you mentioned at the Waldorf) and while I was personally closer to the Stones, the Ronettes and I concluded The Beatle tour would be the best choice for the girls.

Subsequently, I ended up being one of the MC’s at the Beatles & Ronettes Shea Stadium concert. At that time the largest in history with 56,000 or 57,000 screaming maniacal fans in attendance.

Shortly thereafter, Epstein did sign The Lost Souls and I was supposed to go to London with them. (Hence John’s reference above) High on drugs, Eppy and I got into an argument in the limo on the way to the airport in NYC. The band and Eppy went on to London without me. A short time later I came back to the Lord, and tragically not long afterward Eppy died in London of a drug overdose.

Another twist, the record label the Lost Souls signed with was Apple, managed in the USA at that time by Ken Mansfield, whose story you can read below as it appeared today on The 700 Club.

Yeah, John, that whole thing about me NOT going to London is a story in itself. Eppy died and we are living!

All happenstance? Or is Someone pulling the strings?


Here is the Scott Ross/Ken Mansfield streamed interview.

Or transcript.

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