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Vera Stone: Painful Journey

By Jewel Graham
The 700 Club In the words of Vera Stone:

“My sister and I drove about 3,000 miles roundtrip in 3 days. And I was so strained in my neck and my shoulders, I was in tears.”

“I couldn’t move, it would just shoot pain up the back of my neck, and it moved up into my jaws, into my muscles in the side of my face; and I couldn’t open my mouth or talk.”

“Steve and I watch The 700 Club every night.”

“He [Gordon] said, ‘If there is someone in the room with you, have them put their hand on you and pray for you.’”

“Steve just immediately took his hand and reached over and touched me.”

“And I said, ‘Lord, will you please heal my shoulder, please heal my neck, and heal my heart? And heal me even to my bones?’ because my jaws were just in so much pain.”

And then Gordon described pain that was going “into the neck right now and just healing it.” 

“I felt a tingling sensation go up through my neck, my back; and all the pressure went away, all the pain went away.”

“I was just so grateful and so thankful to experience not only a healing, and a touch, and a word of wisdom from God, but to have it involve my husband too is a blessing.”

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