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Kellie Tew: Too Much Trouble

By Gorman Woodfin
The 700 Club On a sunny day in the rolling hills of North Carolina you will find Kellie Tew and her husband, J.D., riding their motorcycles.

Now, it’s just something you love to do. It’s kind of like riding horses. People just have it in them. They love it.  

While Kellie enjoys her life on the open road now, her childhood was far from care free.
In fact, Kellie was a victim of child abuse.

“I was sexually abused by a neighbor, a babysitter, when I was six,” Kellie said, “and it really brought on a, I don’t know, that feeling of ‘that’s how you are loved?’ kinda thing. So that’s how I became sexually active so young.” 

When she was 10-years-old, Kellie started having sex. But she discovered it didn’t make her happy. She searched desperately for something to live for. 

“I always had a void in my life, always. It was the weirdest thing. I was very discontented, could never really find happiness. And I think it was more loneliness,  emotional loneliness. It was just a spirit of discontentment,” Kellie said.

Kellie discovered drugs and used them to numb the pain.

“I was 12. It was summer or spring break and we went to visit some family and started doing drugs then, and that escalated really fast,” Kellie said. “That was my escape.  Definitely. Went from just smoking pot every now and then, to when I was 16 I had began to shoot up.”  

Eventually Kellie started using cocaine. She also went from one relationship to another.

“I went through many husbands and just trying to find happiness,” Kellie said, “kinda the ‘Cinderella saga.’ Wanting everything to be perfect all the time. And when it wasn’t I’d just move on.”

Her third husband was J.D. Tew and he partied just as hard as Kellie. He was a biker and the biker lifestyle intrigued Kellie.

“I just liked the bad boy image and hanging out with him, and I was a woman rider,  which when I started riding was very rare,” Kellie said. “So I got the attention. You know, you drive through Myrtle Beach when I first started riding, and guys would just go crazy because, you know, there weren’t very many women riding.” 

J.D. grew tired of their wild lifestyle. As a child his parents took him to church and he’d become a Christian. He decided to try it again. And Kellie was mystified.

“I had never heard about salvation, and Jesus saving you, and this personal relationship with Jesus. It was very foreign. Never opened a Bible, except the big family Bible we had at home,” Kellie said. 

“All of the foundation that your parents and grandparents instill in you when you go to church when you are younger, all of that came back and I realize what it was all about,” J.D. said. “It really was all about Jesus and that really was the truth. He really is the life and the way.”

J.D. invited Christ back into his life. Kellie, on the other hand, held on to her old lifestyle.  

“Life went on and I was drinking behind his back, and doing drugs behind his back and he was like changing,” Kellie said. 

J.D.’s changed life amazed Kellie and inside she was jealous of what he had.

“I just started wanting what he had. It was like, man, he has changed and whatever it is, I want it,” Kellie said.

For months Kellie attended church with J.D.  Soon she decided it was time to ask Jesus into her life, too.

“I got saved, gave my life to the Lord and dramatically took away all. Never wanted, never thought about doing coke again,” Kellie said. “That’s the biggest miracle in my life. Because I had no desire to do cocaine, no withdrawal.” 

“I mean I went from smoking cigarettes, drinking - smoked cigarettes for 24 years,  drinking, drugs, cussin’, sexual addiction, to total deliverance. As God as my witness,” Kellie said.

“I saw a change in her, that she wanted to know more about the Lord. She wanted to serve Him,” J.D. said, “and you see that selfish nature, you see it dying.”  

 J.D. and Kellie still love to ride their motorcycles. 

“It’s just a freedom, the wind, seeing God’s creation,” Kellie said, “just not through glass in a window. But, I don’t know, it’s awesome. I love it.”

“I am the most thankful for my salvation because it changed my life. God changed my life through it. I’ve tried everything and there is nothing that will ever fill the void that you have, a woman has, in her heart,” Kellie said, “nothing, not sex, drugs, men, alcohol, nothing, children, husbands. The only thing that will ever fill that void is Jesus.”

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God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Discover how you can find peace with God.

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