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David Caron: Reality Check at Death's Door

By Audra Smith
The 700 Club As David Caron stood at the altar to start a new life with his wife Reshma, memories of his parents’ rocky marriage and divorce haunted him.

"My parents got divorced when I was about 5-years-old," David said. "There was some verbal fighting and things like that. I just remember my dad having to leave. The cops came out to visit a couple of times. He eventually just left and I didn’t see him much after that."

"I was high on my wedding day," he said, "and that just goes to show that I was so focused on killing my own pain and hiding from reality, that even in the deepest moments of life where you should be taking things so sacredly, I wasn’t even able to do that."

David grew up quickly. He struggled to become the man of the house, and take care of his sick mother. She had lupus disease and epilepsy. She died when David was just 13.

"At that point, it was the worst feeling ever. The world just got cold," David said. "Everything I had ever known as my source was my mom. She was gone - just like that and I couldn’t believe it was real."

David was sent to live with his father and step-mother.

"Because I didn’t trust them, I started to experiment with drugs, cocaine, drinking alcohol. It really felt like I could escape," he said.

David soon met Reshma and she made his world seem warmer. At first, David hid his drug use.

"Slowly I would tell her, this is the kind of life that I live," David said. "If I’m not smoking marijuana, I’m not a happy person and I am depressed all the time. I realized that God was trying to get my attention."

Reshma and David decided to marry. There was trouble right from the start.

"I had a consciousness about God, that he was real," David said. "And I know that marriage was something that was meant to last a lifetime and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. But being clouded with drug use and just coming up with my own perspectives on life, I really didn’t have a solid goal with that. I began to stray and I told my wife I wanted a divorce."

A divorce destined not to happen - David could not follow through with his decision.

"Right after making that decision, it was like my sin was right in my face," David said. "It was like God had his finger right on the problem. And right away I was like, 'God, I know what my sin is. I know that you want me to stay married to my wife. I know that’s the right thing to do.'"

Even though David committed to make his marriage work, he was unable to kick his drug and alcohol addictions. He knew he needed more than willpower to turn his life around. Then he developed a severe headache that would not go away.

"I went to the Doctor’s one time and really got scared when he told me that something could be wrong with your head and you need to get this checked out," he said.

David began to think about dying.

"When I walked out of the doctor’s office, I felt like God IS real and if I was to die, I know that I’m going to hell," David said. "I didn’t pay attention to things the same way anymore. I was worried about dying now."

Several weeks later, David was watching a Christian television program.

"And for some reason, I said, 'God, is this real?' And all at once, I just started crying. And God just, somehow, was in the room with me. And I just began to ask God, 'why would you touch me? Why would you come to me? I am a dirty person.' I remember seeing in my mind, seeing Jesus on the cross," David said. "That was the memory. It was quite natural to repent of my sins at that point because I didn’t want to continue to hurt Him. Peace came in that moment. My marriage changed dramatically after that, because my wife gave her life to Jesus after I did. It wasn’t right away, but we started to go to church together and He dealt with her in His own way. God really worked in both of our lives and the more He became first, the more peace we had."

Today, David is healthy and drug free. David and Reshma teach a couples class in the church and David started a rap music ministry. They now have a daughter they named Lydia.

"I feel like there’s a big burden on my heart to share Jesus Christ with other people in anyway that I can," David said. "I like to talk to people on the streets, wherever I can meet people - and give my testimony and point them to Bible verses that can really show them what they're missing is available for them. God has healed me from the addicition that I went through, drugs and alcohol. I never have to go back to those things. They don’t satisfy me anymore. Jesus is enough."

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