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By Jewel Graham
The 700 Club "I think when I was 15-years-old, I did my first round of cocaine.  I was just mesmerized by it. I literally was an extremist and wanted to be high 24/7. I was going to school high and leaving during lunch to get high. I was snorting cocaine in the bathroom," Wess Morgan tells The 700 Club.

Wess Morgan grew up a preacher's kid. "I lived in a healthy environment. I had a true example of Godly people. I had a loving mother and father, but I still got off track -- I got sideswiped."

"I didn’t know the tell-tale signs, and I didn’t realize that’s what it was because they were raised as infants to serve the Lord and love the Lord, and I always thought that’s what they were going to do, recalls Wess' mom.

Wess spent time in juvenile detention. Then at 17-years-old, he was charged with armed robbery. One night, when he was high on valium, he threatened a group of people with an axe.

"I remember waking up ... it was a Sunday morning and I woke up, and I was still drunk. My mother was waking me up and she said, 'Wess I don’t know what you have done but the cops have called here this morning, and we have got to take you to the police station.' "

"I will never forget that Sunday we walked in there. We had no clue that at that point, he [Wess] would be be taken to prison, and we’d never see him again," says his mom.

Wess was no stranger to the judicial system. But, since the judge knew his parents, Wess was allowed to enroll in a Bible-based rehabilitation program.

"That year was great for me, because I was in a position where I was put in classes that taught me the Word of God," he says.

Wess continued on to Bible college, where he met Betsy. The two married and Wess entered the ministry, pusuing his dream of becoming a singer.

"I thought that we would just move here, and life would be wonderful. We would work at the church and start a family, and everything would be great. It would be like a fairy tale … but when we got married we clashed," says Betsy.

Before long, Wess was using drugs again.

"I would literally snort cocaine until my nose would swell up, until I couldn’t breathe," remembers Wess.  

"I couldn’t stop him from doing it, but I purposed that I would make it inconvenient for him. I hounded him constantly. I was always screaming at him, trying to get him to stop," says Betsy.

Wess was high on cocaine one day, when a driver wouldn't let him merge. He started to pursue the other car. In the midst of a high speed chase, Wess wrecked the car.

"We hit an embankment going about 85 to 90 miles an hour. We hit a concrete wall…"

Wess's friends were life-flighted out. Wess walked about from the wreck and straight into jail.

"It was the end of my rope, and I remember asking one of the correctional officers to get me a Bible. I grabbed that Bible, and I didn’t depart from that Bible for eight days solid. I kept that Bible right on me, and I knew that God was forcing me to make a decision."

"I was so tired of always watching my life slip through my fingers. I was vever able to get a hold of Wess," he says. "So I think that God heard a silent scream coming from me, from my Spirit: 'Get me out of this, 'I’ve got to get free.'

Wess rededicated his life to Christ that night in the jail cell. He was instantly delievered from his addictions.

"He did not leave or go anywhere without me, or his mom and dad or someone trustworthy,and that’s when I knew it was real," remembers Betsy.

"I believe that God completely heals you of that. With all of this stuff my wife and I have been through, it is absolutely amazing how healed we are," says Wess.

"I know I could’ve walked away, and now I can say that it was worth it. We have such a good family and great kids. We love each other, and we love to be together. It's hard to imagine how bad it was -- it almost doesn’t seem real at times," says Betsy.

Today, Wess is the associate minister in his parent's church. Also a musician, he tours, performing songs off his recently released debut album.

"People that have gone down as far as I have gone, never come back around. I smell the roses every day. I am taking advantage of not having a nag in my belly to go get high. Do you know what that feels like for me? That in itself is euphoria. The fact that I don’t have to get high when I leave here right now is a miracle. You hear me, when I say that is a miracle? Because I am free."

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