The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Beating Back Pain

By Cynthia Savage
The 700 Club “My back started hurting about two years ago,” says Leticia Gutierrez. “At first I thought I had just sprained my back or I must have picked up something the wrong way. It just would not go away.   As days, weeks, months went by, I still had this back pain, and before I knew it, it was just there all the time.”

The pain became debilitating for Leticia and prevented her for doing things with her children.

“They would ask, ‘Mom, let’s go play basketball.  Mom, let’s go to the play ground.  I would have to say, ‘I can’t.’  I can’t be standing up for that long.  I cannot be sitting down for that long.  It just became part of life after a while,” says Leticia.

Then one day Leticia was flipping through the channels and started watching The 700 Club. That’s when she heard Gordon Robertson say:

“There is someone with a back problem in your lower back, and it’s a recurring thing where your muscles just spasm and tighten up. God has just healed that, and you’re not going to have that problem anymore, and those muscles are just relaxing now. As we speak this word, the muscles are just relaxing now, in the name of Jesus. That is not coming back to you anymore”

 “When I realized that it was me, the pain just instantly left my body,” says Leticia. “It’s not there any more.  It hasn’t been. I feel great.  I don’t have to think about having pain again.  I can go back to doing everything that I used to do.”

Now Leticia  is able to go out in the yard and run with her kids, take walks and enjoy her family.   

“They just love it,” says Leticia. “You know those moments are priceless.” 

Her healing is something Leticia will never forget.

“That was the first miracle in my life that I knew it was me,” says Leticia. “Ever since then, I am so thankful for all the other miracles in my daily life.  So I feel like I’m one of His children ... one of his beloved children.”


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