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Mike Fisher's Miracle

By Shawn Brown and Zsa Zsa Palagyi
The 700 Club -To hockey fans, Mike Fisher is known as the center for the Nashville Predators.    To country music fans, he’s known as singer Carrie Underwood’s husband.  But something many people may not know is just how much physical pain this successful hockey player has been through.

Mike says, “My first five years, I missed a ton of games.  I had elbow surgery twice; I had wrist surgery, knee surgery.”

Along the way, he also had shoulder surgery.  “Some guys joke, but when guys are hurt, I can diagnose their injuries because I’ve gone through almost everything.”

He was playing for the Ottawa Senators when he came down with a serious inner ear infection.

“Well, first I developed an earache; I believe it was coming back from El Salvador, Mike remembers.  “And I had this earache for probably about a month.  And a lot of pain and I wasn’t sure what was going on.  I got all different noises, pain.  I was getting worried. I definitely had something going on. I mean I’ve flown a lot and I’ve had different… but nothing like this.” 

And while surgery has been the solution for many of Mike Fisher’s hockey injuries, this time his answer came in a supernatural way -- through prayer, from The 700 Club.  
“I’m watching the show.  Pat and Terry are praying, this is about 2 years ago,” Mike states.  “Just sitting on the bed watching TV. And they said someone with a left inner ear infection, ear pops up, whoa!  And uh, yeah, that’s me. And you know, they just prayed that it be healed and it sure was.  It went away and that was that.  And I knew I was healed. What are the chances, eh?  That was the Lord working! So thank you.”

And Mike says that the pain didn’t ever return. “Nope.  Went away.  Yeah.  And I’m so grateful, you know?  Thick or Thin, he’s always there.  And if you let Him work, just give him a chance; you’ll never look back.”

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