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Lucille Goforth: A Healing Conversation

By Kara Lavengood
The 700 Club

CBN.comLucille Goforth's story in her own words:

"Well, it was just kind of aching in my jaw. I had gone to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and he said, 'well, you have TMJ.'"

"It’s very expensive to treat. I figured I’d just have to live with it because I don’t have dental insurance."

"After that, it just got worse. It got steadily worse."

"It was aching all the time, but then when you go to eat, it goes, 'Pop, pop, pop.' Everytime you chew it pops and it's quite miserable."

"Then I was sitting here in the living room, watching The 700 Club. Gordon and Terry were on that day."

"Gordon said something about jaw pain. I knew that he had a word of knowledge for someone else, and it was jaw pain. And I thought, 'that’s what I’m suffering from.'"

"And I said 'And how bout me?' And he said, 'and you too.'"

“It was just like he was in the room with me, and I just jumped up and accepted."

"God knew that I was going to be there, and Terry and Gordon were going to be there and that this was the time for my healing. It just all fell into place, because He knows all things."

"I never had the jaw pain anymore and never had the popping sound in my jaw. No more symptoms. It doesn’t hurt and I can eat without any problems."

"I know God heals. God healed me of TMJ and I thank Him for what He’s done for me."

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