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Cascille Hammack's Prayer in Despair

By Kara Lavengood
The 700 Club

CBN.comIn the words of Cascille Hammack:

“I had a really bad car accident. It was in 1990. This van just ran this stop sign and was going really fast and hit me broadside.”

“Intense impact on my shoulder - it hit me to the side this way before the telephone pole hit this way; and when I got out of the car I thought something really bad must be wrong with me.”

“I ended up needing physical therapy. But because of the car accident,  I couldn’t get to work and I lost my job and lost my insurance. So then my shoulder ended up healing wrong and I’ve had many years of intense pain in my shoulder.”

“It would feel like there was a big dagger just stuck in the back of my right shoulder blade all the time.”

“I had developed really bad headaches, migraine headaches, from the intense pain in my shoulder. I have an 18-month-old son and he weighs 30 pounds and we live upstairs in this condo. To try to put him on my hip and carry him upstairs, it was impossible.
The pain would get so bad, and the headaches would get so bad that I just couldn’t function.”

“One day, I was having a lot of stress and a lot of problems with pain, and The 700 Club was on.”

“I got right down on my knees and I asked the Lord to please heal me. Right then, as I was praying, Gordon said ‘You’re crying out to God,’ which I was.”

Gordon on The 700 Club:  Your heart cry has been heard, and it’s been answered right now. Someone else, you’ve got pain in your shoulder. It’s back in the back shoulder blade. God is just doing a redo within that whole joint. What you couldn’t do before, you couldn’t raise your right arm, do it right now and receive that healing into it.

“And I lifted my arm and it was just over. It was gone. My shoulder was completely healed. The headache was gone. The nausea was gone. The pain was gone. Everything! And I just praised God. It was an instant healing. God just did it. Completely!”

“So he was speaking word for word; God was speaking through him. He had the word of knowledge that this is what God is doing right now, and that was what God was doing right then!”

“I saw that He reached down and touched my body. He healed me so that I would be 100 percent healed, pain-free and I could praise Him. I could say He loved me so much that He touched my body and took this pain away. He’s faithful.”

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