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Jeanie Traub: A Recipe to be Cancer-Free

By Rod Thomas and Renelle Richardson
The 700 Club Jeanie Traub was a young wife and mother when she lost her own mother to cancer. By the time she was diagnosed with it, she passed away within three weeks. It was a very devastating thing watching someone suffer to that great degree.

Jeanie had always taken good care of herself. Then after a visit to her doctor, she heard the word she never wanted to hear again - cancer. She was given four to six months to live.

"I got a call from the doctor. They told me I had leiomyosarcoma. Leiomyosarcoma is a bone, muscle, and soft tissue cancer, and mine was stage 3 high grade leiomyosarcoma. That’s a very deadly cancer. If somebody has a tumor like that in an arm or leg today, they'd amputate," Jeanie told The 700 Club.

Jeanie asked her doctor for a second opinion. "He told me that the cancer cells were going through my body, and if I were going to get a second opinion it better be within the next 24 hours because I wasn’t going to live."

Jeanie didn’t panic, even though death was a real possibility.

"I knew that that was man’s report, and I knew that with faith you can’t always look at the circumstances around you.  You have to stay focused on God," she said.

The specialists told her that radiation and chemotherapy were not options for treatment, so Jeanie took matters into her own hands.

"I prayed for God to bring the things into my life that I needed for a total and complete healing. I had stay focused on the word of God. The reports of the world can get you down. When I kept getting four-out-of-four oncologists tell me that I wasn’t going to be here by the end of the year, how do you deal with that? Yes, that may be true in the natural, but God’s a supernatural God, and that’s not His report. I stood on His word, 'by His stripes I ’m healed.'" 

Jeanie says she asked God to show her what she needed to do to help her body heal.

"I knew that my immune system had fallen down, so all these nutritional things that I was doing was helping to build up my body so that my body could help fight this cancer."

She heard people talking about the Daniel fast and decided to try it. It includes fruits, vegetables, brown rice, beans, lentils, nuts, and raisins. The results did not happen overnight. She was discouraged at times, but her persistence paid off.

"At three months I started to have breakthrough. My energy level picked up. I got my memory back. Things started to happen where I knew I was on the right track. I think that that’s very important for people to know -- depending on how much they’ve run down their bodies, it’s going to take awhile to get back up, " said Jeanie.

Jeanie learned to take God at His word.

"When I wasn’t doing the nutritional part, I was spending time with God. The only channel I had on my t.v. was Christian television. The only book I read was the Bible. I kept God in the forefront of my mind, and my spirit all the time. I drew my strength from there because I couldn’t have done it on my own."

The result of eating a healthy diet, exercising, and holding on to God’s promise of healing paid off. After only six months, she received a cancer-free report.

"When I found out that I was cancer-free, of course you can’t even imagine the excitement. Every morning that I woke up, I just felt like a ping-pong ball bouncing off the walls. It was an amazing experience," Jeanie said.

Jeanie and her husband Greg have grown closer during this ordeal. What she learned during her healing process has now become a way of life. 

"My routine today exists of getting up. I start out drinking water. I spend time with God during that time. I have a 20 to 30 minute period that I do some exercises, and then I am ready for the day."

Jeanie has been cancer-free for seven years. She now realizes that cancer was not a death sentence. It was an opportunity to trust God to do the impossible.

"God was always a part of my life before, but He wasn’t my life. And going through this experience, the Lord became my life, and everything that I do reveloves around the Lord now," said Jeanie.

She treasures God’s gift of life and never takes a day for granted. Jeanie looks forward to seeing her grandaughters grow up.

"For me, being able to recover from something like that is truly a miracle. I thank God for His strength and everything that He’s done to help me get through that. It was an awesome spiritual journey. Seek the healer more than the healing."

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