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The Powell Quints Three Years Later

By Jewel Taylor
The 700 Club

Original Air Date: December 22, 2010

CBN.comSteve and Stephanie Powell prayed for a long time for children. So when they learned they were pregnant in 2001, they had no idea how their life was about to change.

"When they told us that we were going to have five children, I just think I went into complete shock," Steve tells The 700 Club.

Due to the health risks of carrying that many babies, doctors immediately encouraged the Powells to reduce the number of children from five to three.  Steve worried about Stephanie’s health and struggled with the decisions that followed.

"I was very scared," Steve says, "and I was also afraid that we were going to have five children with severe disabilities. Just that alone had me scared to death."

"I would like to say that we were just confident in the Holy Spirit the whole time that we were not going to reduce," Stephanie says. "Even though I’d always prayed that, when the doctors tell you that’s what you need to do, you listen to them."

But the Powells wanted all the babies, so preparation for a family of seven began.

"We just cleaned everything out," Stephanie says. "We were garage-selling fools. We spent every Saturday for a good month I guess and just stocked up. We just planned on boys and girls for many years, because we knew we wouldn’t be getting out shopping. We bought everything: shoes, onesies, cute dresses for when they were older."

Thirteen weeks into the pregnancy, she went on bed rest. Her doctor wanted her to carry the babies at least 30 weeks.

Stephanie says, "Steve took care of me until 22 weeks and then that’s when we went back into the hospital. We knew that time it was for good. I didn’t even want to be home. It was so scary to even be home by myself at that point. I was huge. I couldn’t do anything for myself, so I was really happy to be in the hospital."

On October 28, 2001, five Powell babies were delivered by c-section. 

"Delivery was right at 1:00," Stephanie says. "Jacob was 2 pounds 5 ounces. Jackson was next, 2 pounds 4 ounces. Chloe was next, 2 pounds 7 ounces. Samuel was next, 2 pounds 1 ounce, and Ella was last and she was 2 pounds 9 ounces."

Everyone but Jacob went on a ventilator, and all five stayed in the hospital until they reached a healthy weight. However, Steve and Stephanie’s goal was to have the babies home by Christmas.

"I was ready to take us all home, although that’s not exactly how it all happened," Steve says.

Mom, Dad and all five babies did make it home in time for Christmas together that first year.

"It was very nice to have everybody home," Stephanie says. "It put Christmas in perspective for sure. It wasn’t about gifts. It wasn’t about any of that. We had family over at our house all day long and they brought food. We just sat around all day taking turn feeding babies. It was very simple. It wasn’t a typical Christmas at all, because we got back to the basics."

The quints are nine years old now, and everyone stays very active playing the piano, competing on a soccer team and memorizing verses for 'Bible Bowl' competitions.

These five are inseparable, even when it comes to helping mom with new baby brother Henry, who joined the family in October of 2010.

"They’re very tight," Stephanie says.

The Powells started numerous Christmas traditions over the last nine years to teach the quints about the real reason for Christmas: one of their favorites when they were little was the birthday cake for Jesus.

Jacob says, "The real meaning of Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and being with family and friend."

The Powells help others celebrate Christmas as well.

"We want to help people that are less fortunate," Stephanie says, "so we try to give to different groups at Christmas."

"When I give other people gifts, I feel warm inside," Jacob says.

Chloe adds, "When I give things to other people, it makes me happy."

"God loved us enough to send His Son, and we want them to understand that more than anything," Stephanie says.

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