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Patty Williams: 'I Feel a Miracle'

By Aaron Little
The 700 Club

CBN.comDr. Patty Williams loves her job as a small town physician in Lakeview, Arkansas. But several years ago, she was diagnosed with lupus, and her ability to meet the physical demands of her job became an issue.

“It affected every bit of my life, because it hurt when I hit the floor," Patty says. "You begin to rub cartilage on cartilage, and the swelling in the whole area makes it get inflamed, hot, and red. It hurts.”

Patty’s lupus particularly affected a knuckle in her left hand. She received medical treatment, but nothing helped. As a Christian, she knew God was in control, but as a doctor, Patty knew the prognosis.

“It can go into remission, but it doesn’t ever go away.”

She worked through the on-again, off-again pain for years, but one day, Pastor Ron Childress accompanied his wife to see Patty for a routine appointment.

“When I walked in that room that day, I had been praying,” Ron says.

Patty adds, “My thumb was numb and tingly. For some reason it was just worse than it ever had been.”

“I just said, 'Sister, do you mind if I pray for your hand?' I feel a miracle," Ron says.

“He come over and he just grabbed ahold of my hand," Patty says.

Ron recalls, “I commanded in Jesus name for that sickness to leave. I didn’t know that she had lupus for 21, 22 years. The swelling in the hand just instantly went down. I mean, miracle right there.”

“A very warm feeling came over it," Patty says. "It was numb and the feeling came back into it, but this warm feeling just came all over me. I knew it was God. I knew what had happened. I just couldn’t believe it, because it wasn’t swollen and red. I went out of the room and went into my staff and said, ‘Look.’”

Patty’s hand and her entire body were completely healed of lupus. In the three years since her miracle, she’s had no return of any symptoms. Today, when she’s not treating patients at her clinic, Patty’s behind the piano at true connections church something that the lupus had forced her to give up years ago.

“By the grace of God, I’m here. I know who He is. I know where He is, and I know what He does for me.”

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