The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Michelle Mabie: An Overnight Change

By Audra Smith
The 700 Club Michelle's own words (with comments from her doctor):

“It was almost overnight that I developed the ulcer. I just felt the nausea come on.”

Michelle's Doctor: “She had a bulged disk in her lower back causing Siatic nerve pain all the way down her leg. And, her other complaint was severe nausea…which she attributed to pain medication that she had been on.”

“It was almost too much to bear after months of not doing the things you are used to doing. You take your health for granted…You are going to go do your workday or play with your kids, or enjoy your weekends.”

“My daughter wanted to play all the time- as two year olds do- and I couldn’t do that.”

“My doctor couldn’t help me, over the counter medications couldn’t help me…and it really caused me to cry out to God. I had no where else to turn.”

“I was watching the 700 Club one evening and Gordon and Terry were praying. Gordon generally prays for a lay your hand where it hurts and that claim that healing in the name of Jesus and I did that.”

“So I turned off the television and I didn’t feel an instant healing then, but I did open God’s Word and just prayed—‘God would you please speak to me through your Word - I need encouragement. I am at the end of my rope.”

And the next line read: “And the people followed Him and He turned and had compassion on them and He healed them.”

“I said ‘God please heal me. I know you have compassion on me and I know you love me.”

“And He did! It was just instant. I felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit and the nausea just disappeared, the pain in my stomach, and the cramping—it disappeared!”

Michelle's Doctor: “It was literally an overnight change. She went from struggling and struggling to it being done!”

“God is faithful. God is always faithful, and kind, and merciful to us. And, I praise God because my life is totally different.”

“I tried everything that was recommended to me and that I could do in a human state—I tried everything and nothing worked---God worked! Prayer worked!”

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