The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Mark Wade: The Ringing Stopped

By Will Dawson
The 700 Club As told by Mark Wade:

“Two years ago I had a deep ringing, constant ringing, in my ears - to the point where I couldn’t hear anyone talking to me unless they were facing me,”   

“The TV would always have to be on a higher volume.  I was missing out on hearing people, hearing birds, hearing family.  I missed out on a lot.”

“It was July 12th of 2007.  I always watch The 700 Club every morning.  This particular morning, of course, with the TV being loud, I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast.”

Mark says he heard Kristi say she had a word of knowledge for someone with a ringing in their ears. 

“The Lord is healing someone with a ringing in their ear,” Mark heard her say. “I don’t know if it goes with an infection or an ear ache, but there’s a constant ringing that won’t go away.”

“And she said put your hand over your ears and I came out of the kitchen when she was talking and I put my hands over both my ears and immediately there was a loud pop in both ears.” 

“The TV was loud and I had to go turn it down for the first time and I could hear!  And I went outside and I was hearing things that I couldn’t hear before to a good degree.  Birds, even cars going by, was even louder than what they normally were.”

“Ever since then I have had no problem with it. I knew what was happening and I was just, I was excited. I really was!  It was just immediately giving God the glory and praise.”

“Today I hear noises that I’ve never would hear before. I just thank God for it and just give him the praise that I can hear things that I wouldn’t normally hear.”

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