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Lee McDougald: Healing for the Healer

By Randy Rudder
The 700 Club

CBN.comOne rainy afternoon in 1979, Lee McDougald was rear-ended by a passing auto. The force of the impact broke his back and resulted in a concussion and numerous internal injuries. Lee spent six weeks in a rehabilitation center.
“I had to learn to walk all over again,” Lee said. “It was a long road back.”
This led to a 22-year-long nightmare that included 30 major surgeries to correct the complications from the accident.
“I would reach points where I thought I had recovered, and because of the internal injuries there was a vicious cycle going on of reoccurring surgeries that had to be done in my abdomen and different places,” Lee said.
In the 1980’s, Lee began having seizures and was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
“There were many nights when I would lay in bed and have my hand on him,” said his wife, Lisa, “kind of like you do a baby. And I would just feel to make sure he was breathing. A lot of times he would have tremors in the night and I would just reach over and put my hand on him and try to calm that; a lot of sleepless nights.” 
In spite of his health challenges, Lee went on a mission trip with his church. 
“I took a trip to India. I guess you could say that I was bit by the missionary bug,” Lee said.
For 25 years, Lee ministered to people in 38 countries, including Kenya and Tanzania.
Lee saw God perform miracles, and longed for the same healing in his own life.
“I would pray, lay hands on people, and I would see God heal them,” Lee said. “Then at night I would go and lay my head on my pillow and I would cry out to God and say, ‘God, why? What you did for those people, why won’t you do that for me?’”   
In July of 2004, Lee returned from a trip to Kenya and was very weak due to his declining health. He sensed it would be his last trip.
“There was a spirit of infirmity that had taken up residence in my life,” Lee said. “And the spirit of infirmity has one assignment from Satan himself, and that is to kill us, physically kill us, and destroy us, so we cannot be used of God.”
In 2006, Lee’s pastor told Lee about an upcoming conference on healing in Dallas.

“We just really had an overwhelming sense that the Lord wanted Lee there,” said Mark Wyatt, the pastor of Deeper Life Fellowship. “It was just a strong conviction. We knew that if we could get him on that plane and get him there, God was going to do something.”

“I told him, ‘Yes, I will go,’” Lee said, “and after that phone call, it was like Satan released every demon he had in hell to attack me to keep me from going to that conference.”

Lee had another surgery just a week before the conference and began bleeding internally. The night before he was to leave, Lee had a dream that he would be healed. The next day, barely able to walk, he got on a plane for Dallas.
“Lee really looked like a 90-year-old man who was in poor health,” Pastor Wyatt said. “He was stooped over; the tremble in his hands was very pronounced. He was shuffling along a few steps at a time. We ate at a restaurant in the airport where he had a half a cup of chicken noodle soup, and that was the most he’d eaten in almost a month.”    
“I was at a desperate point in my life at that time,” Lee said. “I said, ‘Lord, you have to heal me or kill me. I can’t continue on this way.’”

The Amber Rose Conference speaker, Bill Johnson said, “What we have accepted as the normal Christian Life is not the normal Christian life.”

At the conference, Lee heard words that spoke directly to his condition.   

“Those of you that have had ongoing effects because of an accident, put a hand up,” Johnson said.

“People were praying for me,” Lee said. “That’s when I felt this fire touch me at the top of my head, and it ran through my body and down through my legs. I was bent over. And I was able to stand up straight all of a sudden. And my hand that was shaking, all of a sudden was not shaking anymore.”

 “What’s happening right now? You don’t have anymore pain? Praise God,” Johnson said. “Wow! Wow! Bless the Lord! It’s over! It’s over! Bless the Lord! Wow!”

Lee visited his doctor when he returned from the conference. 

“Parkinson’s is generally a progressive neurological disorder,” Dr. William Lightfoot said. “I can only say that I have never seen a Parkinson’s patient healed as completely as Lee was.”

It’s been three years and Lee has no signs of the disease that almost took his life. He plans to return to the mission field, and he has one more mountain to climb.

“Now that God has healed me, the desire of my heart is to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro” Lee said, “and to stand on top of Africa and claim the continent of Africa for the Lord and His kingdom; that He would rule and reign there.”

“I had come into an understanding of the Kingdom of God,” Lee said, “and come into an understanding about the Lord’s prayer, and actually what we are praying. It says ‘Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ So I started looking at the attributes of heaven. In heaven there is joy, there is peace, there is praise, there’s worship. In heaven, there is no sickness. There’s no heartache. So when we pray, we say ‘Lord, just as it is in heaven, let it be here on earth.’ But it’s for right now.”

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