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Kristi Watts: 'Would You Heal Me, Lord?'

By Kristi Watts and Amy Reid
The 700 Club

CBN.comMy trainer and I had been training for a couple of weeks, and this one particular day we had been running. After about a mile or two, my knees started hurting. It was excruciating pain.

So I go to the doctor, and she started examining my leg.  She moved it one way, and I started screaming at the top of my lungs. She’s like, "I think you tore your meniscus. It’s something that only surgery can repair.  Whatever you do, you can’t run. You can’t run anymore." Instantly I felt really defeated.

This was during telethon. I go to the [studio], and you’ve gotta stand on your feet the majority of the time for several hours. 

This one particular day, we’d gone through several days of the telethon. Pat starts to minister, and all of a sudden he says, "Let’s start praying for healing."  Pat had no idea that I’d hurt my leg.

When I first started training, I went to a nurse practitioner who examined my leg. She goes, “Kristi, you’re really going to have to be careful with your leg, because you have a crooked leg. Your leg kinda veers out to the right a little bit.”

Pat said, "There’s a crooked knee, a crooked limb, and God is straightening it out right now. That knee joint is coming into balance like it should, and that is being taken away by the power of God."

So I’m on the other side of the set, and I’m thinking, 'Is that me?' I have sat on the set for years, and the Lord has given me Words of Knowledge for other people.  Isn’t it funny how we can have faith for other people, but we don’t have enough faith for ourselves?

As Pat is giving this Word of Knowledge, he moves on to other people and starts to talk about how other people are being healed. Meanwhile I’m on the other side of the set. I start saying, “Lord, I claim that Word of Knowledge for me.  Would you heal me, Lord?”  But then I said, “Was that Word for me?” 

Then Pat says, "That leg is straightening out. I want you to move your leg. Move your leg, and watch what God’s going to do. Just move your knee. Move your knee joint, and praise God."

Instantly something snapped in my knee. It was the weirdest thing I had ever experienced in my life.  It’s as though the Lord realigned my knee and realigned my leg. I heard a click.

I couldn’t stand on my leg before, so I let myself stand on my leg.  I start to bounce. I start to jump, and I’m like, "No way!  The Lord just healed me!" 

It was the coolest, most awesome thing I have ever experienced in my life.  It rocked me! 

So, after my healing I actually decided to take the doctor’s advice, and I went to get the MRI, sat through that, then went back to the doctor’s office.

My doctor said, "When you look at MRIs, you’re looking at the meniscus to make sure you don’t have any tears through the area.  Your medial meniscus looks intact; your lateral meniscus looks intact."

From that day to this day, not a problem, not an issue, nothing!  God has completely healed me and restored me. 

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