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Kimberly Funk: See What God Can Do

By Audra Smith
The 700 Club

Original Air Date: October 25, 2010

CBN.comWes and Kimberly Funk had always hoped for children, but doctors told them it was impossible. But after years of prayer, she became pregnant with what doctor’s called “miracle twins.”

“It was very exciting," Wes says. "I was probably the most gleeful dad. Here we are being blessed with children, the opportunity to have twins.”

“It was kind of a tough pregnancy," Kimberly says. "I was sick a lot, but it was such a blessing to be pregnant that you didn’t want to focus on all the negatives.  So every week was such a blessing.”

On July 17th, 1994, she gave birth to twin boys, Kyle and Corey. Although they were six weeks premature, the boys were healthy.

“I have absolutely no recollection of my babies being born," she says. "There were signs that I was going downhill, but no one had diagnosed what was going on yet.”

Just days later, Kimberly suddenly had severe abdominal pain.

Wes recalls, “The next day, Kim was kinda delirious. It alarmed me, so I questioned the doctors and nurses about it.”

Kimberly was whisked off for testing. CAT scans confirmed the presence of gallstones and inflammation in her gallbladder.  She was taken into the OR to have her gallbladder removed—a common procedure that usually takes less than an hour.

"Three hours, three and a half hours go by.  The doctors finally walked in the door and their heads were bowed. They basically told me that she had a five percent chance of living.”

During surgery, doctors were shocked to find that she had acute pancreatitis and a blood clot in her lungs. Her kidneys and liver were also failing. She was in a coma and put on a respirator.

“I could see it in their faces that they even felt there were so many complications that they didn’t even know all the answers," Wes says. "My emotions were just all over the place.

“And clutching Kim’s bible, I would go to the chapel and pray, ‘God, You can’t let her leave me behind with these two boys. She completes the family. We have these children because of our love for one another. You gave us this miracle of children. I now need another miracle.  I need a miracle for Kim to stay here. Please answer my prayers.’

“No matter how much the doctors would tell me, I still felt I had to believe something else. And prayer was what got me through this.”

Other friends and family members started prayer chains that snowballed into countless groups praying for Kimberly around the globe. Even her doctor prayed for his patient.

Dr. Mullins says, “I’ll never forget my first meeting with her husband, Wes. I came into the ICU, and the first thing he says is, ‘You have to save my beautiful wife, doctor.’ This was a healthy vibrant young lady, who was just dying the other room. There is no other way to describe it other than that.  I felt powerless.

“So I went home that night and my wife could sense that I was little bit concerned. So we talked about it. I told her the whole scenario. Suzanne said, ‘This is something we have to specifically pray for Kimberly.  We have to specifically pray for her and ask for a specific intervention on the part of the Lord.’ So we did.”

But as Dr. Mullen returned the next day, Kimberly’s condition was worse. Dr. Mullen decided a final, high risk surgery was one of his last options.

“The time was right around 10:45 when we started moving her into the operating room,” Dr. Mullen says.

The moment Dr. Mullen' scalpel penetrated Kimberly’s abdominal wall, a flood of fluid rushed from her body. She had undergone a rapid decompression of her abdomen.

Dr. Mullen recalls, “When you release that, the pressure goes down and you never get these people back. There were four good doctors in the room, and each one of us thought the same thing was going to happen.”

But suddenly, Kimberly’s body did the opposite of what everyone expected.

“She had shown a complete reversal from what we thought we were going to see.  By the time Monday rolled around, she was off the ventilator, her liver functions were back to normal, and her kidney functions were back to normal. She had no arrhythmia problems. She had no more pulmonary problems. She came out of the coma with no problems whatsoever. It happened exactly as we’d asked the Lord to do it.  That had a profound effect on me.”

Several days later, Kimberly was able to see her boys for the first time.  On August the 10th, Wes and Kimberly, Kyle and Cory were all at home.

“It was overwhelming," Kimberly says. "I don’t know how to even describe as I heard more and more people that had prayed for me. I would not be here if people didn’t pray for me. I mean, it’s so clear that God used this as a moment to say, ‘Look at what I can do.’”

“He clearly was the healer here," Dr. Mullen says. "He clearly did all the magnificent miracles.”

Today, 16 years later, everyone in the family is happy and healthy and still celebrating the miracle that God gave them years ago.  

“There is not a day or a morning that I wake up that I don’t thank God for answering our prayers, not just my prayers, but all the others worldwide that prayed for Kim," Wes says.

“Keep your faith. The odds were against her. But a miracle happened in that OR. Her body did totally the opposite of what medical textbook says. That’s the power of prayer.”

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