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Karen Becker Goes Toe-to-Toe with God

As told to Amy Reid
The 700 Club

CBN.comWe exercise a lot. My husband and I are very active. I first started noticing it when I would go running or we would go out to do some hiking or something.

It would just hurt to put on a shoe. It was just really hurting, and it would get red. I honestly just "tough" through stuff. When you do a lot of that kind of thing, you get used to that. You just kept going.

I didn’t pay any attention to it, and it got worse and worse, to the point that there were just some shoes I couldn’t wear.

One morning I was just sitting in a chair, watching The 700 Club. I just had my slippers on and was not paying a lot of attention. They started praying, and all of a sudden Pat said, "Someone has an infection. It’s an infection [on] your big toe. I believe it’s your right foot. God is healing that infection, which is beginning to spread to your foot and your leg. God is taking it all away, and you are absolutely whole. All the swelling, the infection is going to leave you.”

I actually pulled my slippers off and looked at it. I realized that the red stuff was actually creeping down into my foot, and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, that’s me!'

I’ve watched The 700 Club for years, and they’ve always said, “Do something you couldn’t do before.” I thought, 'Well, there’s really nothing that I haven’t been doing. I’ve just been doing it in pain. Every time I bump it, this pain just shoots through my foot.' So I looked at it for a few minutes. I pulled my slipper off, and I hit the side of my foot. I thought, 'Oh my gosh, that doesn’t hurt!'

I can’t believe this, because I’ve had this for months. It’s like, “Oh my gosh, it’s just gone!” The red mark that had come down my foot, that was gone. It was all gone almost immediately.

Honestly, this was not a life-threatening thing. It was not like I would be totally debilitated. While this may not have been a big deal, it was just a gift from my Father, who really did care that I was just "toughing" it through and going along in pain. I think He just did it to see my face light up.

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