The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


June Wennagel: Healed Before Surgery

By Kara Lavengood
The 700 Club

CBN.comI couldn’t walk, and walking’s important to me. So, it was pretty painful, and it limited me in what exercises and other tasks around the house that I used to do.

The pain would get so intense it actually makes you sick to your stomach, and I was at that kind of pain threshold when I knew surgery had to be done. That’s the only thing they can do to relieve that kind of pain when there’s a bone spur.

Then one day I had been watching The 700 Club. Kristi [Watts] and Pat Robertson were on. Kristi said, "The Lord is healing someone with foot spurs.  You’ve had foot problems for a while, and the Lord is healing you from that.”

I said, “My goodness, I have a bone spur.” I immediately claimed it to the glory of God.

I didn’t feel any different until the following day. [The hospital] called me to get the time to appear as an outpatient and have surgery done, because it had gotten so severe [that] I could hardly walk. So I proceeded to take the information down and hung up.  That’s when I put my foot on my hassock, and I said, “I claimed a healing yesterday. Let me check this out.” So I felt it, and the ball of the bone spur was gone. So I immediately called back and had them cancel the surgery.

I’m still good. I’m still fine. Everything’s perfect. Now, I’m able to walk again. Exercise, move around, clean, twist, clean under the bed, do everything I have do all my tasks.

No matter what you’re going through, even if the surgery is to the last minute, you still believe what He has to say.   He will do it.  We’re just grateful and thankful with a humble heart.

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