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Addison Adamu's Faith Adventure

By Jeremy Callahan
The 700 Club - Addison Adamu grew up in a strict Muslim family in Ghana.

“We were taught and trained that once born a Muslim, you are always a Muslim,” remembers Addison.I used to follow my father to the mosque five times a day.”

Addison never seriously questioned the rituals of his family’s faith until a friend at school showed him a Bible.

“I didn’t want to read the Bible because if I’m caught, it will be another story,” says Addison. It’s like the highest degree of crime to convert from Islam to Christianity. He told me that God is love. It’s not about what you do, but it’s about having faith in him through Jesus Christ.”

That’s when his friend invited him to a Christian healing service.

“I was very curious to go,” says Addison. “Those who came with their crutches, they started abandoning their crutches, and they were screaming and shouting, ‘I am healed! I am healed!’ That shook my idea about Jesus Christ that he’s just one of the prophets. The healing power of Jesus Christ is real!  And that day,
I accepted him as my Lord and my personal Savior.”

Addison stopped going to the mosque with his family and began sneaking off to church.  One day, his father confronted him.

“When I look at his face, the rage, the anger, he was a monster saying, ‘Come here, boy. Tell me where are you going,’” says Addison. “And I said, ‘church.’ ‘What? You’re going to church?’ He pull out a sword, and he run after me. He started yelling, cursing me, ‘I deny you as a son, you are a traitor, you have denied our faith, and you are not my son anymore.’”

Addison hid in his friend’s home.  After three weeks of hiding, he heard his father had become paralyzed and was dying of an illness doctors couldn’t diagnose.

“When I heard that, I told my friend, ‘Let’s go and pray for my father,’” remembers Addison. “And he said, ‘No, Addison, you cannot do it. This is very dangerous. They are looking for you—they want to kill you!’ He said, ‘You don’t understand,’ and I say, ‘You don’t understand!’ When Jesus heals my father, they will know that Jesus is real.”

Addison went to see his father.

“He was looking at me,” remembers Addison. “He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t do anything, but he could hear.  And I said, ‘Dad, I’m here to pray for you.’ I said, ‘Lord Jesus, I know you are a healer. Heal my father right now, so that the Muslims here and the whole world will know that you are a healer.’ Before my prayer ended, I saw my father moving his body.  He got up from his bed and he sat. He started talking, ‘Addison, your Jesus prayer has healed me. Your Jesus is real. I can talk, I can move my body. All the pain is gone.’ He said, ‘Come back home, you are my son and no more persecution,’ in front of everybody.”

Many family members saw what happened and also gave their lives to Christ.

“That healing miracle led to the conversion of my mother from Islam to Christianity,” says Addison. “My younger sister gave her life to Christ. My younger brother gave his life to Christ. Even my half sisters and brothers who were very devout and they were all mad at me, insulting me, happen to look for me to kill me, they all gave their lives to Christ as a result and they started going to church with me.”

Addison left Ghana and came to the United States to attend seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. He now travels around the country speaking and praying for others.

“Since I gave my life to Christ, my life has never been the same,” says Addison. I’ve been changed into a new person and his love has brought me joy, peace, happiness. We don’t have to do anything to earn his love.  We just have to embrace him into our lives.”

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