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Heather Mabbott: A Marathon Miracle

By Shannon Woodland
The 700 Club A couple years ago, Heather Mabbott couldn’t sit for more than a few minutes without tremendous pain in her hip.  When she was 20-years-old, Heather was physically assaulted and the injuries were left untreated.

“Every time the pain happened, I remembered what happened to me when I was 20-years-old,” Heather said. 

Even walking was a problem.

“She’d take five to seven, sometimes ten steps, and then her hip would give out and she’d fall to the ground,” her friend Jerry said.

Heather just lived this way until one night her friends threw out an idea.

Heather recalls her friends saying, “Let’s do something fun, you know.  Let’s do a marathon.”

“And I said, 'Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you said that, I always wanted to run a marathon,'” Heather said. “And so here I’m hobbling around, I can’t really run and so when I went to the doctor I thought he’d give me a hip replacement and then I could start running after that; I had no idea.”

The doctor had bad news. 

“It wasn’t just the hip that was destroyed. He was looking at the tendon, there’s a band that’s crushed and he was scared to death, he wouldn’t even touch me,” Heather said. “He just gave me anti-infammatories and said, ‘I don’t even know what to do.’ And I remember walking out of there thinking what do I do now?”
“After I had prayed about it for about one month, God told me, 'I’m going to heal you,'” Heather said. “I’m a die hard 700 Club fan, and Tivo it every day, and watch it every single morning, and so when God told me He was going to heal me I knew it was through The 700 Club

“And so I’d get up every morning, and I’d put on my running clothes, and then I’d sit there and watch The 700 Club, and I’d wait for the prayer time and let’s get healed,” Heather said. “And I’m praying and Terry says, ‘someone is saying, please say hips,’ and I’d said, ‘please say hips.’”

“That’s what I say every single morning, ‘please say hips,’” Heather said. “And I sat there and said, ‘is that for me?’  That’s weird, got the tivo, rewind it, push play.”

Again she would witness Terry on The 700 Club saying, “Someone is saying, ‘please say hips.’”

“And so I set my remote down and alright, it’s time to run,” Heather said.

“The pain didn’t go away for a couple of weeks. And I ran every day after that,” Heather said.

“I’ve run three half marathons since then,” Heather said. “I started tracking my miles about two years ago and I’m over 1500 miles.”

“You know, I was always taught that God didn’t love me. And when I’d hear stories about healings I’d say it would never happen to me.  I’m not that special,” Heather said.  “And now, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe that I was healed.  And that’s who God is.  It’s just extraordinary, I can’t believe how loved I feel.” 

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