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A Strange Encounter: A Real Life Angelic Visitation

By Gorman Woodfin
The 700 Club - “You hear people say, ‘It's like a train. It sounds like a train.’ It sounded like 40 trains.”

It was the largest tornado outbreak in US history. Over a four day period the National Weather Service confirmed 358 twisters in 21 states from New York to Texas. On April 27th 2011, delivery man, Jimmy Jones, found himself right in the middle of the chaos. 

“It was an F-4. It was over 180 mph winds I was told. But it got wider after it had just touched down, probably a half a mile from where I was. It looked like it was probably 250-300 yards from me when I first saw it.”

Jimmy was driving his delivery truck down the interstate. He thought he only had one option - to make it to an underpass. “They say, ‘Get in a ditch.’ But one of that magnitude, I would have never survived that. It was sucking things up out of the ground. But I felt led to go to that bridge, and I knew I had to get there. They tell you, ‘Don’t get under a bridge, that’s the worst thing you can do.’ But when that’s all you got…”

Once Jimmy made it to the underpass the tornado was already on him. Jimmy remembers in the midst of the storm he called out to God. I was praying, ‘Lord, save me.’ I get out of the truck, jump over the guardrail and start up over that hill. That hill is about as steep as these walls in this home. And me trying to run and the wind’s already hitting me in the face and throwing things, I mean, it’s debris coming at me. And I mean I’m digging trying to get up that hill. And I didn’t think I was going to make it.”

When he made it to the top of the underpass someone was already there. “When I got up under there I see this fella sitting on this blanket. I was scared out of my mind. And I run up and got right in his face, I said, ‘Sir, we’ve got to take cover. There’s a tornado.’ And he looked at me and he stood up and it was like everything slowed down at that point. He said, ‘Is that right?’ And that’s all he said. And he said it with no concern, it was just like, ‘What are you worried about?’”

Deep within a crevice under the bridge Jimmy grabbed a piece of metal pipe attached to the concrete. “It felt like a piece of metal up in there, a metal rod that was further back up in there. And I just grabbed it.”

Debris pelted Jimmy’s back. “It felt like somebody was stabbing me in the back with an ice pick. And then it had some draw to it. It tried to pull you out. But I was far enough back up in there and I remember I was pulling hard into that ‘V’ and they were tight up to my shoulders.”

After what felt like an eternity the wind finally ended. The man was still nearby. “When it was all over with, and I come out from that little cubby hole that I was in, I remember looking and seeing him stand back up over there. I didn’t see him get up under anything. I didn’t see him crawl out from under anything. It was just when I got out and looked over there, I seen him stand back up.”

Soon after the twister left, emergency personnel arrived on the scene. “I saw my truck tore up. There were people screaming. Paramedics and police were there on the scene already. There were a lot of cars flipped upside down tore up in the road.”

“Paramedics were looking in the vehicles and they were asking where I was. And I heard them and I said, ‘Here I am!’ And I run down the embankment, stepped over I said, ‘I was I’m up here with this fella.’ I turn around and pointed and there weren’t nobody up there. There weren’t no blanket up there. There weren’t no man up there. And the only way he could have come down was with me or beside me. He had to come down the same way I did because there was so much destruction on both sides of the embankment of that overpass. I asked people there, ‘Did y’all see another fellow?’ ‘No. No, we didn’t see him. Well, he may have got sucked up in the tornado.’ I said, ‘No. He was there. I saw him. I know what I saw.’”

He believes God sent him an angel to help him face the incredible force of that F-4 tornado. “A preacher friend of mine said that he believed that the Lord put him there to calm me.”

Jimmy says God taught him a few important lessons in the storm. “God is and has been wonderful to me. He’s a loving God. He’s a caring God. He’s my Lord and Savior. Here we need to be doing things for Him. Because when it’s all said and done nothing else is going to matter.”

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