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Evangeline Osborn: The Word that Changed It All

By David Sisson
The 700 Club“For years I suffered with a stiff neck due to the fact that I had seizures,” says Evangeline Osborn. “It was very, very painful.”

Evangeline went to chiropractors but nothing seemed to help.

“I had the neck of an 80-year-old woman with the arthritis and with the pain that I suffered,” she explains. “It was a chronic pain.”

She suffered a severe seizure in August. The muscles in her neck constricted so badly that it rendered her completely immobile.

She recalls, “All I could do was just lie there and pray. The pain was excruciating.”

With such extreme pain, Evangeline was ready to try anything… even natural medicine.

“[I] saw a naturopathic doctor, and she gave me muscle relaxants for it,” she says.

There was also a problem with her tailbone.

“I would have a seizure while I was going up and down the stairs. I would fall and bruise it.”

She had to change her whole life.

“I would have to take a songbook during a song service at church and stick one on each side of my hip just to alleviate the pain,” Evangeline says.

One day she was lying in bed “feeling very desperate and very much without hope… I turned the TV on and on came The 700 Club. I thought, this guy knows what he’s talking about. All of a sudden he started giving a Word of Knowledge about a neck problem.”

Pat Robertson said: “There’s a neck muscle that has been constricted and very sore. The Lord has just healed that. You can move your neck now freely. All that tightness has gone away.”

Evangeline recalls, “A few seconds later, Terry [Meeuwsen] came on with a Word of Knowledge. She said that someone had injured their tailbone. She didn’t know if it was cracked or bruised. I claimed that healing for me."

The prayer worked!

“Instantly, I felt relief,” says Evangeline. “I was able to sit through church the next Sunday without pain. I mean the pain was gone.”

Evangeline knows she experienced a miracle from God… But, that wasn’t the end of it.

“On Christmas Day I was making dinner, and I felt the excruciating pain that would accompany a seizure,” Evangeline says. “I grabbed my mother’s hand and said, ‘Please pray for me.’”

Her mother prayed, “Father God! We pray in the name of Jesus.”

Evangeline recalls, “I felt such a touch from the Lord. So, I lied down on the couch. When I woke up from my nap the pain was gone. It’s now been almost six months, still no seizures whatsoever.”

Evangeline suffered with seizures for 20 years. It was in her family.

“I’d go for a month, not have any seizures, think everything was okay and then they’d hit me … sometimes six times a day.”

Today, everything is different.

“I’ve got my life back. For the first time, I’ve got my life back. My family has their life back. They’ve got their wife and their mother back.”

What testimony does she have for others?

“God is a miracle working God. He definitely is. I got my miracle. I believed. I received. I stepped out on faith, and God healed me.”

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