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Elizabeth Cobb: 'He Touched Me'

By David Sisson
The 700 Club

CBN.comTen years ago Elizabeth Cobb started having severe sinus headaches that only got worse over time.

“There were days that I couldn’t function very well,” she says. “I had began to be more sensitive to certain smells and strong smells like bleach.”

Doctors could do little to help her.

“The doctors would say it’s allergies and give me some allergy medication,” she explains. “It relieved it for a little while but it just wasn’t enough. As it became worse and more often, nothing seemed to help very much.

“That morning I heard the word knowledge, I was suffering so severely and was lying on the couch [with] a cloth on my head. I was just in agony. It was one of the worst headaches I had ever encountered.”

As she watched The 700 Club, she heard Gordon Robertson say, “Many people with serious headaches that are recurring and long-term and some are migraine, some are sinus related, some are tension related… God is just healing headaches right now in the name of Jesus. Just receive that. You do not have to live under fear that they’re ever going to come back again. You have been set free by the power of God.”

Elizabeth knew it was for her. “I said, ‘Lord, I just receive that. Lord, You know how much I suffer.’ Just within minutes, my headache started to go away. I could feel a warm sensation going over my whole body. I just knew that God had touched me.”

That was November 6, 2003, and Elizabeth says she hasn’t had a sinus headache since.

“Since God healed me I can clean my house better without being afraid that the smells -- the cleaning solutions -- will trigger a headache,” she says. “I can use bleach in my laundry if I want to, go out in public without fear of colognes or perfumes triggering a severe sinus headache. The smells do not trigger a headache anymore. It’s just, just wonderful.

“I just praise the Lord and give Him all the glory and the honor. He just loves us so much, and I’m just so thankful that He reached down and touched me.”

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