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The Diazes: A Prayer Answered Overseas

By Mia Evans-Saracual
The 700 Club

CBN.comWhile in Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Hjalmar Diaz made a habit of calling his wife after dinner.  Tammy anticipated every call, and each conversation was filled with the typical topics of friends and family. This day would be different.  Two minutes into the call, a rocket hit nearby.  Tammy heard the chaos over the phone line, but Hjalmar had no time to explain.

Tammy tells The 700 Club, “It's frightening when you’re on the other side and you don’t know what’s going on and all you do is just hear what’s going on.”

Tammy followed her first instinct and called the CBN Prayer Center.

“When I was talking to the prayer team member, automatically, he started praying for my husband for his safety,” Tammy recalls, “and there would be no injuries and no one would be hurt or killed in that attack.”

A rocket had hit near Hjalmar’s barracks, but no one in his company was injured. Hjalmar quickly called his wife back. He says, “You could tell in her voice that she was pretty excited that I was okay.”

Tammy adds, “I was happy that he was safe, and I felt at ease that God did answer my prayers. Being able to call and have him prayed for, it just brought peace to my mind that it's not going to be such a hard deployment.”

Tammy soon understood that the rocket attacks occur almost weekly at the base.  She knew she had to pray even more. She says, “I pray and I fast for not only him but other soldiers.  It's the whole company that's put in danger.  Usually when I call The 700 Club, I'll pray for him and they'll pray for the whole unit that he's in for the safe return.”

Hjalmar says, “Knowing that somebody else is praying for you and they're asking God to protect you and keep you safe –  that gives you a little bit more of a peace of mind and confidence that everything's going to be okay.”

After his third overseas deployment, Hjalmar is back home.  He says “It made me cry, seeing everybody home and seeing my two boys.  They had gotten pretty big from the time I said goodbye to them.”

Tammy agrees, “To have him home is wonderful because God kept him safe and kept the soldiers safe.”

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