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Olga Breeskin: Finding God at the Bottom

By Dory Nissen
The 700 Club - In 1969 Olga Breeskin’s musical talent and stunning looks launched her into stardom.  She went from living in poverty to becoming one of the biggest superstars in Mexico.  Here’s her story.

I created a character.  It was sensual.  It was elegant.  It was a little revealing.  It was a little bit of cuchy cuchy and sexy attitude. 
And I became super Olga overnight. 

Suddenly I have two and three cars.  Instead of have a horrible apartment but a mansion, not even one but two or three.  So I thought “the character of super Olga is working.

In 1976 Olga left the weekly show to star in her own nightly act in Mexico City.                 
2 shows a day, 12 shows a week.  Money money money.  Tours. Feathers.  Now I need dancers, now more dancers.  Now I need something new.  Animals.  

I had everything I was dreaming but I had emptiness in my heart.  Why am I so sad?  There is no reason.  So I was trying to fill the whole in my heart.
I fell into the alcohol. I was a drug addict and an alcoholic.  People didn’t notice that I was drunk, not every show in TV, but very very often.

In 1998, Olga was offered her own show on the Vegas strip.                       

I had 6 female dancers, 4 male dancers, a mariachi band.  And I was so happy because this was what I wanted all my life. My dream came true.  And I’ll be the queen of Las Vegas.

The show lasted less than a year. Olga couldn’t find another job.
And I did the same pattern, I tried to fill the whole in my heart with alcohol. I started having anxiety attacks, panic attacks, nightmares, and depression.

In 2005, Olga lost her homes to foreclosures and pawned all of her valuables.

 When I lost my last home I went rent out in a one room I Las Vegas. I was so embarrassed for the diva of the violin who came in 1998 with a mansion, with money, with a fortune, to live in this room. I didn’t have any savings, any proposals, I didn’t have contracts, I didn’t have any hope.
So in other words I had nothing.
In 2007 Olga received a call from a friend the day before she planned to commit suicide.

She said, “Sister, somebody loves you very much”. And I said, ”I don’t think so”.  She said “yes.  I know you are broke but I already sent you money through western union.  So pick up that money and come to San Diego for a Christian retreat.”  So the day after instead of being in the cemetery.  I was in Jesus arms.

Olga accepted Jesus Christ to be her savoir
I fell in love with Jesus Christ. And I changed my life.  He gave me the hope that, not everything was lost.  No, it’s the beginning of a new life.

Olga now plays Christian concerts across the nation.
I only live to worship Jesus Christ.  That’s all I want.  That’s all my hope that’s all my happiness. That whole that was in my heart is now the house, the home of Jesus Christ. He lives here.


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