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Brent Sigman: Like Fire in the Bones

By David Spangler and Tim Smith
The 700 Club“I couldn’t stand for more than 15 to 20 minutes. I had to use a cane to get around. I did my best, but nothing was working.”

Brent Sigman was a proud soldier, but years of marching and physical training took their toll on his knees and ankles.

“Every day I’d wake up and my joints, from my lower half down, would be stiff and hurting and grinding. It was horrible,” Brent says. “It would take 10 minutes to roll out of bed. It just got worse and worse, until eventually they just had to discharge me because I was unable to do any job.”

Brent was diagnosed with degenerative bone disease. Doctors said he would have it the rest of his life.

“I felt like an old man in a young man’s body,” he shares.

Brent took multiple medications each day, but none worked. Then one day everything changed …

“I was watching The 700 Club and Terry put out a Word of Knowledge,” he recalls.

Terry Meeuwsen said: “Almost like a burning in your vessels or something. But God is healing that condition, and you’re not going to feel that discomfort, that pain, that tingling anymore.”

“Just a warm feeling came through my whole body,” he says, “and in my joints I could just feel it, like I had a heating pad inside. I could feel everything going back to the way it should be.

“I stood up and claimed it. I knew it was mine. I started praising God. Within two minutes, I was on the phone calling [The 700 Club] to let you know that Word of Knowledge was mine," Brent says. "Since then I’ve been able to walk, run, stand, no problems. I’m off my pain medication. I don’t take them any longer.

“I went out running that same day. I went out and ran a couple of miles. I hadn’t run in four years, and I went and ran two miles. I’m healed. Praise God. I haven’t turned back since then. I haven’t had a second thought about it.”

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