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Ludmila: Suffering in Silence

By Pete Bustetter
The 700 Club

CBN.comLudmila lived in pain for 37 years.

“Sometimes I would walk down the sidewalk and suddenly... whoops! My hip would crack, and then I would start limping,” Ludmila says.

Ludmila worked for a Ukrainian airline for years and was terrified that her boss would discover her condition.

“I kept seeing doctors but the result was the same. I never mentioned about it at work as otherwise they could fire me,” she says. “In the airplane I would have such a bad pain that I even cried. It was very painful, and I was very anxious.”

So Ludmila suffered in silence. Her condition limited her ability to work until something happened that changed everything.

“One wonderful morning I was watching The 700 Club and Pat Robertson prayed for healing. He said that there is a woman who has an old problem with her left hip.”

As the prayer continued, Ludmila believed that God was healing her. As the prayer ended, she stood up and …

“I didn’t hear a crack in my hip and didn’t feel pain in my knee. I was so amazed and excited that I immediately phoned The 700 Club to tell them that I was healed.”

After 37 years the pain and numbness in her hip and leg were gone and have never returned.

“Thanks to God, thanks to the program. We need more programs like that so that people could be healed and come to God.”

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