The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Lori Young: Neck Deep in Healing

By Kristin Cooney
The 700 Club Lori Young had a 30-ft extension pole she used to clear cobwebs out of hard-to-reach places. One day, while cleaning, she had her neck, back, and my arms in a precarious position for an extended time.

“I moved at one point, and I heard a crack in my neck. I stopped, and it was almost instant swelling and pain,” Lori says. “When I went home that night, the swelling was amazing.”

She showed her husband Scott the back of her neck that had swollen to the size of a baseball.

“It was all red, and heat was coming out of it,” she recalls. The injury gave Lori migraine headaches. She couldn’t sleep because she was so uncomfortable.

“I nagged her for days,” Scott says. “’You’ve got to see a doctor. You’ve got to get this x-rayed. It doesn’t look like something that’s just going to heal.’”

Scott finally convinced his wife to see a doctor. As he left for work one day, Lori turned on The 700 Club.

“It was the part of the program where they pray for people,” Lori says. “Pat came on [and said]: ‘A neck injury. There is a cracked vertebra. Perhaps you haven’t even had it diagnosed as that, but God is putting that bone together, and the vertebra is going to be whole. And the condition that you’ve had, the suffering and the headaches, etc., are gone. You can move your neck freely. God has set you free right now.’”

Lori was excited and scared all at once. “I said, ‘Lord, is that You?’” she recalls. “All of a sudden I felt this tingling heat go through the back of my neck.”

Scott came home, and Lori immediately showed him that the lump was gone. “I was amazed,” Scott says. “You see things like this on TV but who’d ever think it could happen here… I’m still in amazement over this because I mean it just happened that day.”

Now, Lori knows that God is a healer. “I love God… and when you get a healing like that, it just encourages you. He’s my everything."

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