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The Sting: A Miracle for June

By Amy Reid
The 700 Club June Rosckes started her Heart and Home boutique 11 years ago. In the fall, wasps are common. However, what happened next was out of the ordinary.

“I was bit on my arm, and I instantly put ice on it, because I know how it swells up,” recalls June, “but within a couple of hours it was swollen between my elbow and my wrist. You couldn’t even see my elbow anymore.”

A month later, June was back at work. “I went downstairs to grab some lunch. I picked up a loaf of bread, and there was a wasp. I was bit on my ring finger of my right hand.”

This time she was wearing her grandmother’s wedding ring. June remembered her doctors saying that a second reaction to a wasp sting can be worst than the first. This struck fear in June’s heart at the thought that her finger would swell to unimaginable proportions and she wouldn’t be able to get the ring off.

“So I packed it in ice and…my finger was getting redder and bigger and to the point of throbbing where I couldn’t move my ring anymore,” June says. “I knew I had to cut this ring off.”

She was ready to get someone else to watch the shop for her while a jeweler cut her precious heirloom when…

“The phone rang and a man said, ‘This is the 700 Club. Can I pray for you for something?’

“It seemed too small to pray over, but I thought, no, we can pray for anything, big or small.”

June said yes. The prayer counselor prayed for her.

“It was maybe within 20 minutes. I looked at my finger, and it was totally normal. All that was left was a red dot where I had been stung.

“I knew it was a miracle. It was gone, [and] the 700 Club called me. I didn’t call them. It was God’s divine timing.”

June showed her miracle to her co-worker, who was amazed. Today June says, “God can do miracles -- big and small.”

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